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Now welcoming highly motivated agents with a desire for success!

If you have experience in the financial and/or the insurance industries, working with Largo Financial Services Inc. could be an opportunity of a lifetime! As a financial representative with the LFS team, you will become part of a dynamic group that has had the record highest success rate for years. We are seeking motivated individuals with a strong desire to not only expand their financial knowledge but to grow their business while helping others. We maintain a standard of excellence in all that we do and the services we provide for our clients. Prosperity is our goal!

Generating leads & compensation benefits! No more prospecting!

During a 25-year period, we have perfected a PROVEN and SOLID Direct Mail MORTGAGE PROTECTION LEAD SYSTEM. This tool puts its agents in front of prospective clients in 40 states, generating in excess of $2 million in new life insurance premiums every month. LFS has since launched a Final Expense and Small Business Lead System.

Compensation Benefits Include:

  • Training & Support
  • Profit Sharing Through Agent Reinsurance
  • Funds for Retirement
  • Exotic Trips
  • Unparalleled Compensation Package
  • Top Commissions
  • Monthly and Annual Bonus Incentives
  • AGENT OWNERSHIP in every aspect of the company
  • *** Full and  Part-Time Positions ***

New to the financial services industry? We’ll train you!

If you are a newly licensed advisor / agent, working with Largo Financial is a great way to begin your journey in this industry. While training with a team of agents with years of experience, you will develop the essential skills necessary to enrich your career and begin a lifelong path to prosperity. The limit to your success is up to YOU!

How to start . . .

To provide financial services, you must first take a course and be licensed in the states in which you intend to do business. There are several websites and resources you may visit for more information. See below:

Online Insurance License Course
Online and Live Courses are available for each state. (Remember to research the specified Rules and Regulations for the states in which you plan to attain a license.)

Suggested Links:
A.D. Banker (Nationwide): 

Secondly, you must be certified by each company in which you intend to sell a product. Largo Financial works primarily with the following companies listed below.

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The companies we work with

We only provide the best of financial products for our highly treasured clientele. Below are the links to the Insurance and Financial companies that Largo Financial Works with:

Mutual of Omaha

National Life Group

Americo Financial

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Kaiser (shortened)



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